Library building access as of February 28

Written by
Library News Team

As of Feb 28 and per campus policy, library building access is only for CU Anschutz students, faculty, and staff with their Anschutz campus badge ID for 24/7 access. The library building remains closed to all others. Students and employees in the building should adhere to campus protocols at all times.

Staff are available on our service desk from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday – Friday. Users can and should also use AskUs, our online service point, to seek assistance and make inquiries. AskUs hours are Mon-Fri, 9 am – 5 pm.

All study rooms will be available to CU Anschutz users with badge access and most of our study rooms remain on the library’s reservation system. Reservations are strongly recommended. If you walk into a study room without a reservation, please book it so you are not asked to leave by someone else who reserves it while you are working.

The library is accepting EMS requests for meetings. Pandemic-related restrictions on meetings, gatherings, and events are removed starting on Monday, February 28. See campus protocols.


  • Users are required to have their CU Anschutz badge to enter the library and are encouraged to display the badge at all times or be able to show it if asked.
  • You must badge yourself in. Please do not trail in behind others or allow others to come in off your badge swipe. Note: the front door badge reader only unlocks the door closest to the reader.
  • Full information about campus guidelines can be found on the Anschutz campus protocols page.
    • The campus no longer requires vaccinated members of our campus community to wear masks or physically distance themselves while on campus. Masking for fully vaccinated and boosted students and employees is optional.
    • Anyone may choose to continue wearing a mask and is encouraged to do so at their discretion.
    • If you are vaccinated but have not received your COVID-19 booster, or if you have an approved exemption to the vaccination requirement, please continue to wear a mask and keep your distance on campus.
    • Please consider wearing your mask when in the company of others who may wish to continue masking while together on campus. Keep in mind that others may have different levels of comfort than you do when it comes to COVID-19 protocols like masking and distancing.

As a reminder, almost all library resources and services remain available 24/7 from the library website. Full information about campus status due to Covid is available on the campus coronavirus website.