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Mountain Biking Colorado - Hlawaty, Stephen

Mountain Biking Colorado's Front Range by Stephen Hlawaty

Mountain Biking Colorado's Front Range includes over 45 of the greatest off-road mountain bike rides along Colorado's Front Range. A mountain biking atlas to the Front Range region, this one-of-a-kind guidebook details each trail in relation to local history, geology, archeology, legend, and lore. Mountain Biking Colorado's Front Range includes rides near the major Front Range communities of Fort Collins, Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs. Readers will find highly detailed and accurate maps, route directions, brilliant photography, vivid descriptions, and much more. -- book description

Colorado Related Fiction

Diane Mott Davidson is the author of 16 novels featuring Goldy Schulz, a small-town caterer who solves murder mysteries in her spare time. At the start of the series, Goldy is a recently divorced mother with a young son trying to make a living as a caterer in the fictional town of Aspen Meadows, Colorado. It has been noted that Aspen Meadows closely resembles the real-life town of Evergreen, CO where Mott Davidson currently resides with her family.

The Main Corpse - Davidson, Diane Mott                         The Whole Enchilada - Davidson, Diane Mott

The Main Corpse                             The Whole Enchilada

Robert Greer has written the popular CJ Floyd mystery series, as well as the medical thriller Heat Shock. Greer has been involved in cancer research at the University of Colorado Health Science Center for more than thirty years. In 1983 his research group was the first in the world to report a synergistic link between smokeless tobacco use and human papillomaviruses in certain cancers of the mouth. That research foundation is the basis for the plot of The Devil's Hatband. In addition to writing, medicine, and research, Greer reviews books for a Denver National Public Radio affiliate, KUVO, and raises cattle on a ranch in Wyoming.

Blackbird, Farewell - Greer, Robert                         ​ The Devil's Red Nickel - Greer, Robert                         ​ ​Heat Shock - Greer, Robert

Blackbird, Farewell                        The Devils' Red Nickel                          Heat Shock

Stephen White is the author of the bestselling mysteries/thrillers featuring Boulder, CO psychologist Alan Gregory. In his books, White draws upon over fifteen years of clinical practice as a psychologist to create intriguing plots and complex, believable characters. He lives with his family in Denver.

Dead Time - White, Stephen                         ​ ​Manner of Death - White, Stephen

Dead Time                                  ​    Manner of Death


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