Isabelle T. Anderson Collection


The Isabelle T. Anderson Collection is a collection of books from the Colorado Council of Medical Librarians (CCML). The collection is in honor of Isabelle T. Anderson, a graduate of the University of Colorado and librarian at the Denison Memorial Library. For more information about Isabelle T. Anderson, please visit the CCML webpage on the collection:

The books in the collection are related to the librarianship profession, and have many guides for libraries and librarians about topics in the profession. The collection also has other materials than books, including videocassettes, audiocassettes and MLA course syllabi.

The collection was selected by the Education Committee of CCML and is integrated into the library’s collection. The collection does not have a separate shelving location, but is shelved within the library’s existing collections. To find the collection, search the key words ‘Isabelle T. Anderson’ or ‘Isabelle T. Anderson Collection’ in the library’s online catalog.

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         Designing the User Interface - Shneiderman, Ben  

Designing the user interface : strategies for effective human-computer interaction

By Ben Shneiderman

In revising this best-seller, Ben Shneiderman again provides a complete, current, and authoritative introduction to user-interface design. The user interface is the part of every computer system that determines how people control and operate that system. When the interface is well designed, it is comprehensible, predictable, and controllable; users feel competent, satisfied, and responsible for their actions. In this book, the author discusses the principles and practices needed to design such effective interaction.