Bartecchi Southeast Asia Conflict Medical Collection


Donated by Dr. Carl E. Bartecchi, the Bartecchi Southeast Asia Conflict Medical Collection is a collection of books on the conflicts occurred in Vietnam and Southeast Asia during 1950s through the 1970s. It includes works on medical topics, politics, biographies, and fiction related to the time period.

The collection has books on medical personnel during the Vietnam Conflict, including firsthand accounts and narratives about hospitals in Vietnam. The collection also has books about the history and political situation during the period in Vietnam and the United States, as well as surrounding countries. 

The collection is shelved in the special collections circulating collections. The books have a bookplate designed for the collection, and locally assigned key words to make the collection findable in the library’s catalog. To find the collection in the library’s online catalog, search using the key words ‘Bartecchi Southeast Asia Conflict Medical Collection’, ‘Carl E. Bartecchi’, or ‘Bartecchi Collection’.

 Bartecchi Collection Bookplate

        Bartecchi Collection Bookplate

Featured Resource


             Medics in Action - Herrera, Barbara Hand

                 Medics in Action

              By Barbara Hand Herrera

This is the story of military medics, a photographic biography of the soldiers who often risk their lives to save others. It is a story based on dramatic, on-the-scene photographs taken by well-known photographer and illustrator John Steel during four trips into the Vietnam combat zone. Tied together with the facts and information that comprise the life and work of the medic, they form a meaningful biography in action.