Dell PCs with various types of scanners

To ensure social distancing and related campus requirements are met, the library has a limited number of computer workstations available for use.

Dell PCs with various types of scanners 

  • PC workstations with scanners: HSL-P02D & HSL-P04D
  • Type: Conventional PCs 
  • Location: South Info Commons near Printers (marked with signage)


  • Students using Acrobat Pro, scanners or VH Dissector Pro have first priority.
  • If you are not using statistics applications or VH Dissector Pro, you may be asked to relocate.
  • Only and affiliate logins allowed


Saving your work and printing from library workstationsSave your work often

Your data will be gone after you log off or your session ends. This protects the privacy of your work. 

We recommend saving to your USB drive as soon as you start your work, and at regular intervals. As you finish your session, emailing yourself your work will ensure that you have a second backup.

Printing: Choose File/Print, select EFI Print Me in order to print to one of our print stations in the library. Printing is 10¢ per page for black and white, 25¢ per page for color.