Discover eBooks in Library Search

The Strauss Library’s catalog, Library Search, provides access to a large volume of eBooks. The eBooks available to our users cover a variety of subjects, are hosted by several vendors and publishers, and include titles the library has purchased, open access titles, as well as freely available titles.

Finding eBooks in Library Search

To find eBooks in Library Search begin by entering your search term(s).

Start your search from the library website homepage:

Or, start your search in Library Search.

Then, under “Tweak my results” (on the left sidebar), limit your search results by Availability ​→ Full Text Online and Resources Type → Books:

Additional eBook Resources

In addition to finding eBooks via Library Search, authorized users can go directly to the following databases that primarily have eBooks:

Finding eBooks in the Future

Library staff are currently working on ways to improve finding eBooks via Library Search. You may see eBooks as an option under Resource Type in "Tweak my results" (image below not clickable). However, this is still a work in progress and does not show all eBooks available to our users.

If you encounter any issues when trying to access eBook please fill out our Report a Problem form.