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About the Professional Literature Search Service

For systematic reviews, grant proposals, and other big projects, consider requesting a literature search conducted by a librarian expert searcher by filling out the form below.  NOTE: depending on the search, there may be a fee.  See information below.

Why work with a librarian searcher?

Who is Eligible?

  • All current CU Anschutz Primary Affiliated Clients are eligible.
  • Student projects must involve a publication with a faculty author.
  • Sorry, we cannot accept requests from non-affiliated individuals.  


To complete the search, we require 2 months from the start of search. We can often provide preliminary results in a shorter time. Please discuss with the searcher.

Service Types

  • Fee-based
    • “One-off” searches conducted by the librarian whose involvement does not continue once the search results are delivered.
    • Ideal for small projects
    • Extensive search (multiple databases selected by topic and client interests): $50/search
    • Basic search (Two databases, e.g., PubMed/Medline and one other database): $35/search
  • Searcher as publication co-author and collaborator. Includes all systematic reviews
    • No fee
    • Ideal for projects that require exhaustive searches and continuing commitment for search updates and write-up of search methods.

Services Included



Searcher as Collaborator




Consultations with the Librarian Searcher



Citations with abstracts in Endnote, Word, or Excel



Search strategies



Provide training to administrative staff or team member on citation management



Assist with management of citations using Endnote



Data for the Prisma Flow Diagram



Write-up of search methods for publication



Use of systematic review software



Search updates



Typical Users of the Service

  • Authors working on an extensive literature review for publication, for example a systematic review or meta-analysis
  • Researchers working on a literature review for a grant proposal
  • Clinicians developing evidence summaries
  • Authors writing a book chapter

Alternatives to the Professional Literature Search Service


Please contact the library (ask about the Professional Literature Search service) at (303) 724-2152 or through the AskUs form.

To learn about systematic reviews, see the new Introduction to Systematic Reviews Video Tutorials in the Systematic Reviews and Searching the Literature resource guide.

Search Requester Info

NOTE: This service is available only to AMC faculty, students and staff and there may be a fee.  Due to the large volume of requests, we cannot complete search for at least 2 months.

Search Request
E.g., 02/28/2020
Enter the date this search request needs to be completed.

About the lit search

For systematic reviews, grant proposals, dissertations and other big projects, consider requesting a literature search conducted by a librarian expert searcher. For more information on systematic reviews and other publication types that require a thorough literature, see the Searching the Literature resource guide. 


Please contact the library at (303) 724-2152.

All Searches

Services Included:

  • An initial meeting in-person or by phone
  • A list of citations with abstracts in various formats including Endnote, RIS, Word, or Excel
  • Search strategies for each database

Systematic Reviews

Services Included (in addition to "All Searches" services listed above):

  • A description of the literature search methodology for the publication
  • Flow chart with retrieval data as recommended in the PRISMA Statement
  • Potential for librarian searcher as collaborator.  Advantages include a fee waiver and assurance of a thorough and methodical search for the duration of the project. The searcher will also be responsible for writing the literature search methodology section of the manuscript.


There may be a fee associated with the literature search request.  All fees are charged per search.  Determination of what comprises "a search" versus "multiple" searches will be discussed individually with each request.

CU Anschutz Primary Affiliated Clients (who are they?)

Search Fee per search
Up to 2 resources, e.g., PubMed/Medline and one other database $35
2 or more resources $50
Searcher as collaborator and publication co-author $0 (Fee is waved)

Clinical & Clinical Volunteer Faculty

Search Fee per search
All searches $100