Campus Badge Role at Strauss Health Sciences Library

Planning to Use the Strauss Health Sciences Library during Finals & End of Term?

1. Please Carry & Have Your Anschutz Campus Badge When in the Library

Students are encouraged to do this. Why?

  • Required for 24/7 library access and to stay in the library past closing time
  • Chancellor’s policy requires all employees and students to have their badge present when on campus
  • Library staff and campus police card everyone during closing time. Clearing of the bldg. and badge checks in the library are done to ensure security
  • You need it to check anything out from the service desk
  • Anyone without the proper campus badge must exit the library at closing time - this includes the general public, unaffiliated students, and students or employees who do not have a campus badge with them. No exceptions.

The library appreciates your cooperation, and we apologize for the brief interruption while we check badges during closing times.

Every night library staff come around during closing to card all users and ask non-affiliated users and anyone lacking the proper campus badge for After-Hours and 24/7 to exit the library. If the room and area you are in allows you to place the badge out on a table visible to library staff coming by, this can help things go smoothly. Library staff do need to see you and the badge for some recognition & comparison between the badge and the person. 24/7 Access Policy.

2. Groups can bump individuals in group study rooms

Sometimes groups are looking for rooms in the library. Groups can bump solo users occupying a group study room. Having your CU campus badge can help resolve any questions on rights to use a study room.

3. Test taking in the library: what to expect

Students are welcome to use space and rooms in the library to take your exams. However, the number of rooms is limited and there is no guarantee a room will be available. Certain conditions desired for test taking may not be achievable in the library, given the diverse activities served by library space. Please be aware that testing does not override the procedure of checking badges at closing time or the possibility that you may get bumped from a group study room. Some interruptions to you in the library cannot be avoided.

Library Hours