Interlibrary Loan (ILL) New Users

Register with ILLiad to set up an interlibrary loan account

  • You must be affiliated with Anschutz and CU.
  • Strauss Library ILL is a fee-based service for some, free for others. Some service fees apply to the unaffiliated general public, UC Health, and other semi-affiliated users--it depends.
    • ILL Office staff may obtain from you during the registration process credit card or speed type information if fees apply to you.
  • Requests are processed as received, first-come, first-serve and rush service is not available--we process and fulfill requests as quickly as we can and priority is given to University student/faculty/staff requests.
  • If you are paid University faculty and staff of CU Anschutz, regular School of Medicine faculty paid by affiliate hospitals like Denver Health or the VA, volunteer clinical/faculty, retired CU Anschutz faculty, CU Anschutz fellow, CU Anschutz visiting scholar or visiting students, or a CU Medicine employee, then you are eligible for ILL services at no direct cost. Service policy for no-fee is below.
  • If you are a CU Anschutz enrolled student and paying CU Anschutz student fees, then you are eligible for ILL services at no direct cost. Service policy for no-fee is below.
  • If you are a paid GME Resident of the University, you are eligible for ILL services at no direct cost. Service policy for no-fee is below and is no different than free service to other Primary users.
  • If you work at Children’s Hospital Colorado, you are eligible for ILL services from Children's Library and the fees could be lower.  Contact for more information.
  • The ILLiad registration process asks you for contact information and you create an ILLiad username and password so you can login and order materials, receive email notifications, and login to ILLiad to pick up electronically delivered material 24/7 online.
    • Articles and book chapters are usually delivered in PDF to your ILLiad account. Books and other returnables we receive from other libraries can be picked up at Strauss Health Sciences Library.
  • If your status requires you to pay, you will NOT be asked to enter any credit card information by the ILLiad registration form. You will provide that later by contacting our office or we shall contact you after you submit the ILLiad registration form.

Register with ILLiad

Can't remember whether you have an account? Contact ILL at 303-724-2111 or

No-Fee Service Policy for Verified Anschutz Campus Students, Faculty, Staff, Univ GME Residents, and other Primary Users

Students eligible are those CU Anschutz health sciences students actively enrolled during the term and who have paid the Academic Support Fee of the Anschutz campus. Other primary users eligible are: paid University faculty and staff of CU Anschutz, paid Univ GME residents, faculty paid by affiliate hospitals like National Jewish or the VA, volunteer clinical/faculty, and others listed in our policy as Primary.

  • Users wishing to participate first need to register with ILLiad.
  • Requests will be supplied at no direct cost to Primary users. The service is intended for the academic research needs; use for other purposes is discouraged.
  • Please Note: ILL/DocDel will not accept requests for course textbooks. The service is not a means for obtaining required class textbooks.
  • Requests for articles in the library’s collection will usually be filled within 48 hours, Mon-Fri; article copies and materials outside the Strauss Health Sciences Library collection borrowed from other libraries can take five to ten days. Some requests may not be filled for various reasons.
  • ILL reserves the right for cost control to reject requests for the same articles or materials over and over again from faculty/students. Please do not abuse this service. ILL costs the library money, and you should request only what is needed and essential for your studies and research.
  • Rush request service (same day or less than 24 hours) is NOT available.

Register with ILLiad @ Just be sure to select the appropriate Status for yourself as a student, or faculty paid by the university, etc. on the ILLiad registration form and indicate the School/College you belong to--Medicine, Nursing, etc.​​

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