Dr. Charles Meader

Dr. Charles Meader was the Dean of the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine from 1916 to 1925. Perhaps one of the most important acts of Dr. Meader’s tenure as Dean was to move all the operations of the schools of medicine and nursing to a central location in Denver. He wrote the bills that paved the way for the construction of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Campus at 9th and Colorado.

The Strauss Health Sciences Library received a donation of documents and artifacts from the Dean’s Office of the School of Medicine in 2016. Included in the donation were the original documents that Dean Meader prepared for the acts that created the 9th Avenue Campus. The collection contains several drafts of the bills that established the original University Hospital and the Colorado Psychopathic Hospital. Two versions of the bills are handwritten by Dr. Meader with several notes and have many more sections that appear in the finalized bills. There are also several studies and reports from other states, which Dean Meader may have used to shape the language of the bills. In one of the early drafts of the bill, he wrote ‘Section 11. Incorporate Section 10 of Minnesota Act, altering phraseology to conform to Colorado conditions.’ Section 10 deals with fess involved in transporting patients.

The documents have been scanned are available for viewing at the Mountain Scholar: Digital Collections of Colorado and Wyoming. Click here to access the collection.