Tell Us: Library Customer Suggestions

Additional Library Entrance     Tue, 2019-03-12

Hey! I would like to know the feasibility of building an entrance on the east side of the library facing the parking lots that majority of students utilize.


Library Response

Thank you for your comment and suggestion!

For many reasons, the Strauss Library has chosen to have one public entrance and exit. Moving our main entrance would be extremely costly. Adding a second public entrance on the east side of the building would also be very expensive, both in construction and ongoing staffing costs. You are not the first to make this suggestion, so we will keep considering the possibilities.

Lisa Traditi
Deputy Director
303-724-2141  /

Privacy Screens For Student Computers     Fri, 2019-02-22

Is it possible to get a privacy screen for the Connect Your Laptop Workstations due to HIPPAA concerns?

Library Response

Thank you for the input and suggestion. This is a good idea. We will pursue some privacy screens for students to checkout from our service desk and use on monitors in the library’s computing commons. We will also see if we can provide some that students could use with their own laptops while in the building but those may be more challenging to provide given the variety of laptops out there.


--Douglas Stehle, Head of Access Services.

Tower Room Noise     Thu, 2019-02-14

Hi, I have noticed this a few times now. The groups of people who have been booking the Tower Room have not been respectful of people outside trying to study. There has been a few people who came out of the Tower Room to talk on the phone quite loudly. Groups of those people would come outside of the Tower Room to have their own discussion. The first time this happened, I was the only one near that area. I believe it is because there was just one student, they didn't care and continued to make noises inside and outside of the Tower Room.

Today, Feb 14th, a group is in the room now. I can hear the speaker clearly even though I am at the standing desk. Several people have already gone in and out of the room and just talking with each other despite the fact that there are at least 4 students here trying to study. They did not close the door, so the entire time they have been here so far, I can hear them non-stop.

I know that there is a sign that tells people to be mindful of the fact that there is a library outside of the Tower Room. Either the sign needs to more pronounced or the people saw it and decided to ignore it.

Please help address this on-going issue.

Library Response

Thank you for the report and comment.

We will go look and ask the group to shut the door. The library in its event management of rooms like Tower does try and encourage groups to keep the door shut during meetings.

We spoke to the group in the Tower Room and the coordinator was honestly very sympathetic to the concern. They were very willing to shut the door, and did so. She thanked us for letting them know.

Please know you can always call the 1st floor service desk at 303-724-2152 to report concerns: the sooner the better! We are always glad to pass along concerns about noises to groups and individuals, and most people when made aware will react positively.

Also, In the future I encourage you not to be too shy to try and speak to groups who are being too loud. Part of our approach to help mitigate noise in the library is to encourage the academic community to speak to one another and share their concerns and help set the noise levels collectively – be transparent and politely let the group know your concern that their cell phones and meeting is loud for other library users and yourself. If it is uncomfortable to do this, you can always report to the service desk. It takes a village to have a quiet work environment in your library.

We also provide ear plugs at our service desk and some users benefit from those. Thank you again.

--Douglas Stehle, Dept. Head Access Services.

More Connect Your Laptop Workstations     Thu, 2019-01-31

Hi! I have been loving the "connect your laptop workstations" where I am able to plug in my laptop and use the keyboard, mouse, and large computer screen. It has significantly improved my study skills and productivity! I would really like to see more of these stations in the library as I believe there are only 4 at the moment and they tend to get filled up fast. Thank you!

Library Response

Thank you for this feedback!

I am pleased to let you know we have ordered parts and monitors necessary to do another pod of 4 “Connect Your Laptop” locations.  We will be implementing the pod soon in connection with moving some workstations and pods around in the Commons.  Once parts get here, we hope to have the new pod installed by the end of February 2019.

Jeff Kuntzman/Library IT

JCO Precision Oncology     Tue, 2018-12-18

The library does not currently have access to JCO Precision Oncology. Can this be added? It's very important for many of us working in personalized oncology. Thank you!

Library Response

Thank you for contacting the Library about the journal JCO Precision Oncology. We will contact the publisher and get price information. Many articles from 2017 and 2018 issues seem to be freely available online right now.

Please note that we have a reduced collection budget for FY19, so journal cost would be an important factor in our new subscription decision process. If you and your colleagues can provide more information on how this journal helps with your research, that would be helpful!


Yumin Jiang
Head, Collection Management
Strauss Health Sciences Library

Alternate Citation Management Software     Thu, 2018-12-13

I was wondering if we could get a subscription for Paperpile ( instead of EndNote. I've been using this a lot for my master's thesis and is a really nice system to manage references and citations.

Library Response

There are a lot of great citation manager products on the market, including Paperpile, but the Office of Information Technology chose EndNote in part to support the large citation libraries needed for the high volume of research conducted across campus. If you’ve never tried EndNote and would like to check it out, the Library’s Education & Reference Department offers EndNote installation labs and training sessions several times each month—here’s the class schedule for the rest of December. If EndNote just isn’t your cup of tea, we’d recommend a personal license for Paperpile, which is $2.99 a month.

Strauss Health Sciences Library

Board Games at the Library     Wed, 2018-12-05


I was wondering if we could invest in a chess set and some small board games. It would be nice to have a few games to be able to de-stress and have fun during some study times.


Library Response

Thank you for the suggestion! The service desk used to house a small variety of games, and we are currently looking into a few options to offer for check-out. Keep an eye on our social media accounts and in-library signage in the next couple weeks for more information!

Strauss Health Sciences Library

WiFi Hotspots     Tue, 2018-11-06

Can you please provide us with WiFi Hotspot? It is very helpful, and common in many Libraries nationwide.

Library Response

Thank you for the comment. The library is hesitant to get into providing this service, but we will investigate the cost and options. To the extent it is a hardship for your academic purposes, you might want to speak to your School/department and/or see if campus student services offers any assistance. Thank you.

Health Sciences Library

Connect Your Laptop Workstations     Wed, 2018-10-31

The "Connect Your Laptop" workstations are fantastic! Please create more of them.

Library Response

Thank you so much for this feedback!

We have noticed that the Connect Your Laptop stations are being used a good deal, and it is likely we will try to do another pod of four in winter or spring 2019 provided funding is available. We did not initially budget for more than our current four this fiscal year, but chances are still good we will be able to install another four.

Jeff Kuntzman / Library IT


Complementary and Alternative Medicine LibGuide     Fri, 2018-09-21 - There are two different URLs associated with the collection. One seems to be updated whereas the other is not. FYI.

Thank you!

Library Response

Thank you for alerting the library to errors on the Complementary and Alternative Medicine LibGuide.  The library has temporary disabled this guide while the information is updated.  Information on the Strauss-Wisneski Indigenous and Integrative Medicine Collection has been also been updated.

Thank you,

Melissa De Santis
(303) 724-1748