Exhibit Policy & Procedures


The Strauss Health Sciences Library provides opportunities for informational, cultural and intellectual growth through the exhibit of displays, artifacts, works of art and other materials. Exhibits and art displays on loan in the library will create an inviting environment for users, stimulate academic discourse, and integrate the library more fully into campus life.

Gallery Descriptions

  • Gallery (3rd floor) – Approx. 55’ x 20’ x 9' 11", contains 17 picture lights
  • Exhibit pedestals – 32” x 67” x 9”, two pedestals in the gallery
  • Exhibit cases – 42” x 78” x 12”, two wall mounted cases in the library entrance
  • Other suitable spaces that may become available


  • Eligibility includes those with the campus badge ID held by Anschutz students/employees.

Selection Criteria

  • Value to community
  • Clear presentation
  • Artistic/educational merit
  • Social significance
  • Unity of theme
  • Artistic/educational integrity of the work
  • Record of professional achievement
  • Accurate information
  • Suitability of subject matter and physical presentation
  • Quality of the presentation
  • Educational value
  • Local or regional interest
  • Timeliness

The Library Exhibit Committee will select and schedule all exhibits. Exhibits are chosen based on the criteria listed above.

The library reserves the right to refuse or remove an exhibit.

How to Apply

All CU Anschutz Medical Campus buildings, including the Strauss Library, are currently locked and accessible with the campus badge ID held by Anschutz students/employees. We are not currently hosting external artist exhibitions.

  • Letter of interest: The letter of interest should not be longer than one page. State your exhibition proposal including narrative and number of artwork pieces available.
  • Required - Images: 3 digital images are required as JPG files, include file name (title) for each image - maximum 2 MB per image.
  • Required - Image Identification Sheet: Prepare a single-sided sheet with digital image file names (title). Please include the following for each piece:
    • Title
    • Size: height x width (framed height x width)
    • Medium
    • Date created
    • Price or NFS (Not For Sale)
  • Submit your information through our online Exhibit Policy & Procedure Agreement form.
  • If you have any questions or require additional help, contact Dana Abbey by email: dana.abbey@cuanschutz.edu.

Artist Responsibilities

  • Provide a biographical and/or exhibit statement at least two weeks prior to start of exhibit. The library will run a short article about the exhibit on the library website.
  • Required - Provide a list of all items, with the estimated value of each piece, that will be loaned to the library for display.
  • Be responsible for installing and removing displays on the dates agreed upon by the library and the artist/exhibitor.  Displays must be set-up and removed with as little interference as possible to the daily operations of the library. If the library must remove a display because it is not removed as scheduled, the library will not be responsible for damages.
    • Exhibits shall be installed and removed between 8 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday.
    • All 2-D work must have a wire to hang on the gallery's cable system – NO saw-tooth hangers.
    • Example of wire mounting for 2-D work (OR take to Hobby Lobby / Michaels for framing)
A person holding a piece of art on a canvas by the wire strung across the back of the canvas.
  • Agrees to be responsible and pay for damages to library property resulting from installation or removal of a display.
  • If an artist/exhibitor would like to host an opening reception for their display, the date and time of the opening must be negotiated with the library. Artists/exhibitors will be responsible for funding opening events, set-up and clean-up.

Conditions governing loans to the Strauss Library

  • Reasonable care will be taken with loaned artwork.
  • Selection and display of loaned artwork is at the discretion of the Strauss Health Sciences Library Exhibits Committee. The committee reserves the right to discontinue a display at any time and for any reason.
  •  It is the artist/exhibitor's responsibility to insure the artwork. The library does not provide insurance for artwork on exhibition and cannot be held responsible for damage or theft of the artwork while in the library's possession.
  • Delivery and retrieval of loaned artwork is the responsibility of the artist/exhibitor.
  • An artist/exhibitor statement, with contact information, may be posted with a display. The statement should fit on 8.5” x 11” paper.
  • Price lists that include an artist’s/exhibitor’s name, address, and telephone number may be made available.
    • All sales and taxes are the responsibility of the artist/exhibitor.
    • If an item in the exhibit sells while on exhibit, it must remain on display until the end of the event.
    • In return for exhibiting your artwork, the Strauss Health Sciences Library will accept a donation of 15% of all sales.
  • Loaned artwork is generally displayed a minimum of six weeks, although that time can be extended. The library reserves the right to determine the schedule of displays.
  • Artists/exhibitors agree to let the library photograph their artwork to be used for any University of Colorado purpose including publications, advertisements, or similar print, video or electronic media.
  • Displays of loaned artwork must include the following disclaimer, “This exhibit was produced by (Name of Artist/Exhibitor). The views are of the artist/exhibitor represented and do not necessarily represent those of the Strauss Health Sciences Library or the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.”

After you read the policy above, click here to access the Exhibit Policy & Procedure Agreement form.