2nd Floor Quiet Policy & Zones

On the second floor of the Strauss Library, there are 3 zones of differing levels of quiet:

  • SILENT: Intended for silent study. Conversation is strictly prohibited. The nap pod room in the Study Zone (2406K) is also silent for napping.
    • Location in Building: a long row of study counters behind the journal stacks on the east side of the building facing towards the Evergreen parking lot behind the library.  
    • Allowed: Being super quiet and studying in a manner that contributes to total silence as best as you can.
    • Not Allowed: Conversations, talking over any communication device, including cell phones, Zoom, etc. Music or videos that are audible to other patrons. Food or drinks that are noisy. Any other disruptive behaviors creating noise.
  • WHISPER: Intended for small group study requiring minimal discussion. Discussions or activities should not be audible to nearby groups, but complete silence is not expected.
    • Locations in Building: the south-east corner area including rooms 2203 - 2209, and inside the Study Zone (rooms 2406) on the north end of the building facing towards Montview Blvd.
    • Allowed: Brief, quiet discussions in small study groups. Viewing a lecture or listening to music on headphones.
    • Not Allowed: Loud, sustained conversation. Phone conversations or video conferences of any length.
  • QUIET COLLABORATION: Intended for group collaboration with an emphasis on low-pitched and reserved audible noises.
    • Location in Building: the long hallway area including rooms 2300 - 2308 and 2312 - 2313 on the west side of the building facing towards the School of Pharmacy.
    • Allowed: Low-pitched discussions and soft conversation. Group collaboration is allowed, although individuals simultaneously talking is discouraged.
    • Not Allowed: Loud, sustained conversations that can be heard continuously by others outside the room or in neighboring rooms.

If you feel a person/group violates these guidelines, we encourage you to work with them directly to help regulate the quiet zone. If the problem persists, please go to the staff at the service desk on the first floor for assistance or call 303-724-2152 during library hours. Groups or individuals found to be in repeated violation may be asked to relocate.