Lending of Collection Artifacts & Archival Materials

The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Strauss Health Sciences Library has a small collection of medical artifacts that can be made available for institutional loans.

Pursuant to Strauss Health Sciences Library policies, artifacts may be loaned to institutions that are able to:

  1. Display artifacts in a public venue.
  2. Provide adequate care and security for the artifacts.
  3. Meet all other loan requirements detailed within this document. To accommodate as many requests as possible, the following guidelines have been developed to make the loan process clear and expedient.

All loan requests must be made in writing. A letter of inquiry should be sent to:

Collection Management
Strauss Health Sciences Library
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Mail Stop A003
12950 E Montview Blvd.
Aurora, CO 80045

Inquiry letters must include all of the following information:

  • The title and dates of the exhibition
  • A list of the objects requested for loan: including accession numbers, dates, maker, etc.
  • The loan period (ship out to ship in)
  • A brief explanation of how objects from the Strauss Health Sciences Library would enhance the exhibition
  • An attached current facilities report either completed or revised within the last 12 months (AAM Standard Facility report or equivalent)

Formal inquiry letters may follow conversations/inquiries/meetings with library staff. These initial conversations are often necessary to determine whether or not appropriate loan objects are available.

These communications should occur far enough in advance to ensure that the formal letter of inquiry is received in accordance with the following timetable.

  • Loan requests of three or fewer objects must be made no less than 30 days in advance of the shipping date.
  • Loan requests of between four and twenty objects must be made no less than 60 days in advance of the shipping date.
  • Loan requests of more than twenty objects must be made no less than 90 days in advance of the shipping date.

Adequate preparation time is essential in order for the library staff to fully and accurately document each loan. Special circumstances such as an object being stored at an off-site facility, extremely large/cumbersome objects or the need for extensive conservation work may require a more lengthy preparation period than stated above.

After receipt of the letter of inquiry, the library staff will approve objects appropriate for loan and review them for condition. The list will be revised if necessary and will then be forwarded to the borrowing institution. At this time any special requirements regarding the display, shipping, conservation, etc. of the objects will be stipulated.

The Strauss Health Sciences Library reserves the right to assess any fees needed to make the loan.

Packing and shipping costs – All costs associated with the packing and transport of loan objects will be charged to the borrower. The method of shipment will be determined by the library staff. If the borrowing institution desires to transport the objects by sending a courier, the appointed courier must be a member of the borrowing institution's staff, must have object-handling experience, and must provide proof of automotive insurance covering materials within the vehicle, or provide proof that the borrowing institution’s insurance covers transportation in said vehicle. Furthermore, the vehicle used to transport the loaned materials must be closed (no open-backed trucks or trailers) and must be equipped to properly support and restrain any loaned materials. If packing or shipping assistance or supervision is deemed necessary, a member of the library staff may accompany the artifacts.

Travel expenses/consultant fees for condition reports – If a loan of objects has extended to a period of five years or more, the Strauss Health Sciences Library, or an agent authorized by the library, may travel to the borrower’s site to conduct object inspections and condition reports. Any expenses incurred for this inspection are the responsibility of the borrower.

Insurance - Insurance coverage of all loan objects is the responsibility of the Borrower. The library staff will provide the borrower with insurance values for each loaned object and must receive a certificate of insurance before any loan object may be shipped. Insurance must be “wall-to-wall”, must cover objects in transit and while on exhibition or otherwise worldwide. If the borrower cannot or will not insure items as required, from the time the object(s) leaves the control of Strauss Health Sciences Library to the time the item is returned and formally accepted by Strauss Health Sciences Library confirming condition is same as when item left Strauss Health Sciences Library control, Strauss Health Sciences Library will be unable to lend.

Attribution - All objects borrowed from the library must be credited appropriately on individual object identification labels, and in all published materials. Each credit must include the statement “From the Collection of the Strauss Health Sciences Library | University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus” and must include the object’s Strauss Library identification number.

The Strauss Health Sciences Library staff administers all loan transactions. All communications regarding the loan process should be directed to the Collection Management department either at the address listed above, or by phone at: 303-724-2152.

Please note that if you are a small museum with an extremely limited budget, you may submit a request to have the loan fee reduced or waived. Such requests will be carefully reviewed on a case-by-case basis.