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pictures of walk station, bike station, and a floor elliptical for pedaling

We offer diverse options for well-being while you work in Strauss Library. Try one of our walk or bike stations instead of a study room. There are three walk stations on the first floor of the library, one in the Study Zone on the second floor, and two walk stations on the third floor. There is a bike station on each floor of the library. The bike station on the second floor is next to a pull-up station if you really want to test yourself.

Collage of Tables and Chairs

Strauss Library has updated furniture in a variety of rooms over the past year. Last year, the Tower and the Video Conference rooms on the third floor received new conference tables and chairs. Our Tower Room (3100) has comfortable executive-type chairs and flexible sectional tables that allow for diverse configurations.

Ceremony as medicine lecture announcement showing Wesley Black Elk and Kylie House.

Please join us for our next webinar in the Psychedelics Series. Much like how psychedelics challenge individual rigid worldviews, they are also challenging the conventional paradigms of modern medicine. Among one of the most important shifts which these catalysts call for is the understanding that how we relate to our medicines is part of the medicine itself.

Cartoon of young man pointing at white board with the message “How to use Prospector”

Remember that time when you needed a book that Strauss Library didn’t have but CU Boulder’s library had several copies? Or how about that time when you wanted to get your hands on a DVD but couldn’t squeeze time from your busy schedule to get to the public library for at least a month? Well, Prospector is here to help!

Strass Library- Borrowing from Other Libraries

Strauss Health Sciences Library wants to let you know that your Resource Sharing team is here to help you get the research items you need. Resource Sharing is a fancy term for Interlibrary Loan (ILL). 

At the Strauss Health Sciences Library, we lend, borrow and document deliver, journal articles, textbook chapters, books, DVDs and anything else we or other libraries request.  All for no charge to staff, students and faculty.

Conference logo reads Empowering Native Voices Traditional and Indigenous Medicine with talking stick

Please join us on Thursday, April 18, 2024 for the full day, hybrid Bridging of the Worlds: The Confluence of Indigenous Wisdom and Psychedelic Science conference.

Franklin T10 Mobile Hotspot

Do you need fast, reliable, and free Wi-Fi? 

Check out a T-Mobile Hotspot from Strauss Library! 

Strauss Library study rooms with newly tint windows

You Asked, We Delivered: Tinted Glass Added to More Study Rooms.

Row of computer workstations available in the Information Commons in Strauss Library.

Are you looking for a place to dock your laptop and get some work done? Or maybe you are looking for a quiet study room to use? Look no further, the library can help you out! The Information Commons has over 30 computer workstations available with a variety of PCs and wireless printing options available.

Archival display of Dr. Comstock photo and items from during and after WWII.

On December 7th, 1941, the Empire of Japan attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor, beginning the US involvement in World War II, which had been raging in Europe and Asia since the late 1930s. The Japanese also invaded the Philippines in December, 1941. Although US forces continued to fight until May of 1942, 72,000 American and Filipino soldiers were captured on April 9th. One of the American soldiers captured was Dr.