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As of September 1 and per campus policy, 24/7 building access is only for CU Anschutz students, faculty, and staff with their Anschutz campus badge ID. The library building remains closed to the public with limited badge-access options for other designated affiliates.

Strass Library- Borrowing from Other Libraries

The end of 2022 is right around the corner and our campaign to promote interlibrary loan services is almost over. We have blogged about “Borrowing from Other Libraries” using ILLiad and Prospector  to borrow everything from books and book chapters to articles and DVD’s.  Strauss library borrowed from libraries in Colorado, Wyoming and all over the United States for our students and faculty. We have even received articles from as far away as Australia and Germany.

Stata Software

On a one year trial basis, the library has acquired Stata statistical software for use by Anschutz campus students, staff, and faculty in our Information Commons. The software is installed on Statistical Workstation #29.  If you are interested in Stata for any kind of project, please check it out!

Be sure to check out the list of all the software we have available on workstations in the Commons. Options include:

Pie chart and bar graph representations

Journal impact factor, h-index, altmetrics, article citation counts: these are all examples of bibliometrics, a statistical field dedicated to analyzing research. Bibliometrics can help you determine the impact of your research publications, which agencies fund the most research in a particular field, which journals are publishing the most on a given topic, and much more.

Small lockers with digital code locks available in the library at the access services desk.

Strauss Health Sciences Library is excited to offer circulation lockers for laptops, hotspots, EMS equipment, and your Prospector/ILL books. Circulation lockers are a self-service option that are accessible 24/7 to Anschutz users with their campus ID badge.

Where are the lockers located?

On the north side of the first-floor service desk in Strauss Health Sciences Library

How do I pick up my items from the lockers?

InterLibrary Loan is Amazing

Learn about borrowing through Prospector with Andrew Gagnon, Strauss Library’s Prospector Coordinator. 

What is Prospector? Prospector is a service in which member libraries agree to share resources and provide access to over 30 million items from partner libraries throughout Colorado and a few in Wyoming! Order items through the Prospector catalog and they will be shipped via courier to the Strauss Library, so there is no need to visit another library. Staff will reach out to let you know when the requested item has arrived.

Cartoon hands grabbing opposite sides of a wishbone getting ready to pull.

We need your help to make the library everything you want it to be, so we are kicking off the academic year with The Library Wishes Campaign. 

Is there a service or resource you would like the library to offer? Do you have suggestions about how we can make our space more accommodating? Could we make your experience at CU Anschutz a little better?
Let us know.

Young woman sitting at a table outside studying with headphones, a laptop, and a pen and notebook.

The library has a new subscription to PsycTherapy, a database of streaming videos brought to you by the American Psychological Association. These streaming videos demonstrate therapeutic approaches used in authentic clinical and counseling sessions. PsycTherapy is available to you both on and off campus from the Library Search page or from the library's list of databases.

Lynn Triefus

Library users sometimes wonder, what is interlibrary loan (ILL) and who does all that work in finding and sending me the articles I need? Here are answers from Lynn Triefus, our ILL manager at Strauss Library, and her story of why she loves helping academic library users get the resources they need.

What is Interlibrary Loan (a.k.a. ILL) anyway Ms. Triefus?

Orange, red, and brown leaves encircling the message "register for a fall class at Strauss"

This fall, the Strauss Health Sciences Library will be offering thirty class sessions to the AMC community. We are offering nine different types of classes including: