Self-Service & Mobile Wireless Printing

Easy: Print from your own laptop and mobile devices
Secure: Pay at the print station with your own credit card, 10¢ per page for black and white copies, 25¢ per page for color copies
Available: 24/7 badge access to the library and printer

Click here to install the WINDOWS Printme Driver
Click here to install the MAC Printme Driver

How to Print

Multiple ways to print - Use your own laptop! Easy as 1-2-3

To upload or drag drop file(s) go to

You may need to scroll on the website to get to the "Get Started" button (pictured below)

Click --> Get Started then --> Upload Files get started button from vendor website


OR - Load the EFI PrintMe print driver for Mac or Windows
Note: Printing multiple slides per page from PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat files requires the print driver.

After installing the print driver, with PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat PDF file, open
File --> Print  --> EFI Printme select multiple slides per page --> Print 

OR - Print via USB flash drive

OR - Attach file(s) to an email to

To retrieve your print jobs, locate a print station at the library.

EFI printers are located on 1st floor South (2 printers available) and on 1st floor North (1 printer available).

On the touchscreen, Select Print --> PrintMe --> Insert credit card --> select options (Black & White, color, number of copies, single or double sided, and page range)
Scan the Email or mobile app confirmation bar code (or enter code) at EFI station

Optional but strongly recommended -- Load the EFI PrintMe mobile app on your phone or tablet

  • Install app from the Apple App store or Google Play – EFI PrintMe
  • Create a new Printme account and password using your most used email address
  • View all your print jobs, print bar codes, time remaining to retrieve print jobs
  • See how long you have left to retrieve your print (You have 24hrs from when you print until auto-deletion)
  • The mobile app makes it easy to manage, upload, and view your print jobs in one place.
  • You can easily print from Canvas Mobile or cloud storage with the EFI Printme mobile app.

Payment Options

  • Secure Credit Card Payment Option: Pay securely with your own credit card at the print station, we accept the following: 
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • American Express
  • Reusable print card option: Purchase and refill your reusable print card at the library 

    • The kiosk will only accept cash payments: $1, $5, $10, $20
    • The kiosk will not accept coins
    • The kiosk will not accept credit card payments 
    • There is a $1 minimum
    • The kiosk will not issue change 
    • Refill your print card at the card vending kiosk
    • Print cards have no cash value
    • Print cards can only be used for printing at the library
    • No refunds or replacements if your card is lost or stolen
    • For card balances, visit our card vending kiosk or the card balance website
    • The card vending kiosk is located in the 1st Floor North Commons. 
Wireless Printing: Print cards
Reusable print card