Anatomical Models

If you have questions or need assistance with equipment that is available for checkout, contact us through AskUs or call the Service Desk at 303-724-2152.
The library also holds human remains on loan from the Anatomical State Board of Colorado. Access is restricted to CU Anschutz users only and for in-library use only for short periods. Ask staff at the service desk about the collection. Staff can escort you into the back office to view and pick out pieces you wish to examine. Please treat the remains with respect and handle with care, staff must be notified immediately if any bones break.

3/4 Scaled Muscled Arm
3/4 Scaled muscled arm in 6 parts
3/4 Scaled Muscled Leg
Scaled muscled leg model in 9 parts
Articulated Female Pelvis
Articulated Female Pelvis Model with Pits of Parturition
Budget Bart 3/4 Size Skeleton
Budget Bart 3/4 Size Skeleton
Cervical Spine with Occipital Bone
Cervical Spine Model with Occipital Bone
Deluxe Foot and Ankle
Deluxe foot and ankle model
Deluxe Functional Knee Joint Model
Functional Knee Joint Model
Deluxe Hand and Wrist
Deluxe hand and wrist model
Didactic Flexible Spine with Femur Heads
Didactic Flexible Spine Model with Femur Heads
Disarticulated Skeleton
Disarticulated Skeleton bones with labels
Hands and Arms
Hand and arm bones with parts labeled
Heart Model
Laerdal Danny Smith Heart Model
Human Brain with Arteries in 9 parts
Human brain model in separate pieces includes arteries
Human Larynx Model
Anatomically correct human larynx model divided in two halves.
Human Respiratory System Model
Human respiratory model that includes heart, larynx, and lungs.
Lung Model
Lung Model with Heart, Larynx, and Diaphragm
Neuroanatomy Brain Model
Detailed brain region model
Original Heart of America
Denoyer-Geppert The Original Heart of America Model
Osteopathic Didactic Skull
Skull in 22 with painted parts
Pelvis bones with painted labels
Preadolescent Lower Jaw
Preadolescent Lower Jaw model labeled
Shoulder Girdle
Shoulder girdle model with labels
Skeleton with Painted Muscle Origins and Inserts
Spine and Thorax
Spine and thorax bones
Sternum and Ribs
Sternum and rib bones labeled
Thin Man
Stand-up chart of man
Thoracic Skeleton
Thoracic Skeleton with Full Spine and OS Sacrum
Ventricular Cavities of the Brain
Ventricular cavities of the brain model