Dr. David Braddock Disabilities Studies Collection

Braddock Collection bookplate
Braddock Collection bookplate

This collection of books is related to the history of disabilities and disabled persons. The Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities donated the collection to the library in 2019 on behalf of Dr. David Braddock. Dr. Braddock collected the items in the collection, and some of the books are signed by the authors for Dr. Braddock. 

The collection has books from a range of years, and many books about the development of psychiatry and treatment of disabled persons. The books in the collections have a bookplate designed by the staff at the library showing that the items in the collection belong to the Braddock collection. In addition, the books in the collection have a blue label over the call number, so that they can easily be distinguished from the other books on the shelf. 

Books in this collection are shelved with other items in the general collection at the library. Items can be found by searching in Library Search using the keywords “Dr. David Braddock Disabilities Studies Collection” or the “Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities” as a phrase. Each item also has local subjects “History of Disabilities” and “History of Disabled Persons” added to the catalog record.

In addition to the books in this collection, the library has an archive of other materials included in the donation from Dr. Braddock and the Coleman Institute. Also in the donation were a collection of images related to disabilities and an extensive collection of historical pamphlets related to the history of psychiatry, many on the history of the institutions that housed disabled persons.

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