Record Now FAQs

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Q. If the equipment is not working what do I do?

A. First check the instructions posted in the room, if still have equipment problems call 303-724-2167 during business hours.

Q. My USB drive did not work what kind of USB drive should I use?

A. A (non-encrypted) USB drive must be formatted, FAT32, or NTFS with a minimum of 2GB free (1GB is ONLY 12 minutes recording time). A drive with at least 3-4GB free is recommended to save your recording see drives formatted with HFS+ or exFAT will NOT work.

Q. Can I adjust the zoom on the camera?

A. No, the camera must be in a set position. Please do NOT attempt to change camera settings. If you want to get a close up, you can move closer to the camera and it will automatically adjust focus. You can use the rolling podium with or without your own laptop as you like.

Q. Can I get an audio only file?

A. Yes, the system generates an M4A (audio only) and a MP4 (video and audio) to your flash drive. We suggest that you convert the M4A audio to an MP3 format. You can use VLC a free, open source media player ( to easily convert the audio file, see the video tutorial (

Q. Can I use the Record Now Studio to record a podcast?

A. Although it is possible to use the Record Now Studio to record audio for a podcast, the sound quality may not meet your expectations and noise reduction may be required.

Q. Should I leave the in-ceiling room lights on during my recording?

A. In most cases, yes. You can experiment with different recordings, but generally it is best to have both the in-ceiling and recording lights on.

Q. I created my own Record Now Studio video...Now what?

A. Please note that the Record Now Studio is not a production space. If you plan to edit your video, you’ll need to find other equipment and software. Your newly produced video is saved as an MP4 file.
Video editing software options:

Green screen editing URL’s:​