Study Room Reservations: Easy & Quick

Make your reservation for a library study room
Written by
Douglas Stehle

To facilitate a conducive environment for academic success, Strauss Library provides a study room reservation system that is easy to use. Students can reserve a study room with just a few clicks. To make a reservation, simply visit the library's website and click on Reserve a Room. With flexible booking options available and over 40 rooms on the system, you can tailor your reservation to suit your schedule. Whether you are a student seeking solitude for deep concentration or a group in need of collaborative workspace, the library has you covered. Reserve your study room today and unlock your full academic potential. Some study rooms in the library are not on the reservation system and instead are walk-in, first-come, first-served. Signs on the room indicate this, and rooms that are bookable have a QR code sign that also allows you to link to the system and create a booking.