Lending to Libraries

We use ILLiad for our interlibrary loan processing of requests to and from other libraries. We can accept requests through DOCLINE (COUCOL) and OCLC (COU). Our online ILLiad registration form is not for borrowing libraries. If you do not have access to DOCLINE or OCLC, requests can be made via email at copydocs@cuanschutz.edu or by fax at 303-724-2150. We charge $15.00 per filled request (per 40 pages), or $25.00 for rush requests.

For email or fax, please send a note with the following information:

  • The name and contact information of your library,
  • The item you would like to borrow,
  • A statement saying your office will accept our charges (to be invoiced during the first week of the month following a filled request. For example, a request filled in December will be invoiced during the first week of January.)

For libraries using DOCLINE or OCLC, we prefer EFTS and IFM payments, but we will invoice libraries that don’t use those payment methods. We do not charge other CU libraries.

We deliver by email, Article Exchange, Odyssey, fax, or US mail.

We lend returnables for 28 days and allow one 2-week renewal period.

Items we do not lend:

  • Leisure reading books (Amesse room).
  • No current AV materials (5 years old or newer).
  • No bound journals.
  • No rare materials.
  • Reserve the right, case by case, not to lend current year textbooks and other significant titles essential for our medical community.

We reserve the right to refuse any request that does not comply with copyright restrictions.